! Without a column

The daughter constantly complains about the lack of money. At first she was looking for work, and we helped her. I spent a minimum. Then I found work with average earnings, and we were happy that now she could buy at least the most necessary. Then the income increased, and the daughter ceased to limit herself in everyday expenses. I was overlapping the future salary – in fact, she lived in debt. And then she stopped paying bonuses – and again “no money”, debts, credit card, we again began to help. We convince the daughter that living on a debt is bad, but nothing changes. Due to lack of money, she is constantly in a bad mood. How to teach a person to plan expenses correctly, do not buy unnecessary?

Irina, while the daughter will hope for your help, her behavior is unlikely to change. Когда у нее не было работы или когда зарплата была крайне скромной, помощь была оправданна, но сейчас у нее достаточно опыта, чтобы перестать надеяться на вашу финансовую поддержку.

If there is little money, you can always start looking for another job where they pay more. While you close her debts on loans, she does not need to change something, and the temptation to spend money arises at every step. Alas, I see only one way out: you must give your daughter independence. She must stop, stop spending what has not yet earned. I must see that it pays for things too high price, an integral part of which is anxiety that it will not be possible to pay off a loan.

Try not to pay attention to her money. Moreover – if you live together, ask her to bring money to the family budget. Some adults, living with their parents, are used to the fact that they are fed, pay their bills, and perceive their salary as pocket money, which must

certainly be spent until a penny.

It can be difficult for you to take such a step, but, only completely shifting the responsibility for her money, you can help her help her.