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Love, engagement – during this period we are so losing our heads with happiness and enthusiasm that we cease to think about the future family life that will begin after the ceremony. What it is worth knowing in advance so as not to be disappointed after a few months or years? Explains the family psychotherapist.

If you want the relationship to remain prosperous and last all your life, it is realistic to achieve this if you warn the problems before their appearance. Ten secrets of a happy marriage that should be known to everyone who is still going to go down the aisle:

1. The fire of passion will fade away over time. Passion between spouses usually fades over time. This is normal and not a problem.

2. But it can be reinforced again. Although passion and mutual attraction cool over the years, you yourself can maintain the fire of mutual love and make it again and again.

3. Do not

forget about past days. Remember what has nourished passion at the beginning, and try to repeat, even if there is no particular desire or mood.

4. Complete romantic acts more often. So that the fire of love does not fade away or to enrich the already faded, you need to regularly commit passionate deeds.

5. Be prepared to honestly and frankly talk about problems. The partner will be angry with you, offend, complain, you will also experience these feelings from time to time. Do not allow temporary unpleasant experiences to destroy the connection. Each of the negative emotions makes it possible to discuss disagreements, listen to each other and ultimately even more clearly realize mutual love and decide to establish relations.

6. Do not allow yourself to aggressively defend yourself. The most important secret of the durability of marriage is the ability to listen to the claims and resentment of the partner calmly, without response aggression. Seeing that you are listening carefully, the partner will probably soften anger and try to express feelings softerly and sincerely.

7. Show love every day. Mutual attraction in marriage is maintained thanks to the mutual manifestation of love. It is important to provide each other’s signs of attention and demonstrate love every day, and not once a year during the vacation.

8. Regularly go somewhere together. Every week go to some event or party together. Such “dates” strengthen relations.

9. More often make a compliment partner. Look for a reason to compliment, even if you have to come up with it. The pain always captures our attention, therefore both men and women are often inclined to focus on the negative aspects of relations. To overcome this trend, you need to consciously and intentionally pay attention to positive moments and always demonstrate your gratitude for the manifestations of love and care from the partner.

10. Do not be afraid to take risks. Allow yourself to open and be vulnerable both in the bedroom and outside. Try something new with your partner, even if at first it is embarrassed.

A reward for courage will be a passion that does not fade away for many years. If you think that maintaining the fire of love and mutual attraction in marriage will be easy, you will find brutal disappointment. Make efforts, maintain a fire of love and passion in relationships, do not deprive yourself of many years of happiness and romance.